Centenary of 1916
Centenary of 1916

As we reflect and commemorate the events of 1916 we also recall people who were continually working for change for the citizens of our city and country. We are fortunate to have a relative of Jim Larkin in the parish who composed a poem in his honour some time ago. Below you will find the poem along with a brief note by the Author


"I remember my Grandad (Big Jim Larkin) from quite a young age, as my Dad, Denis, would bring me into Unity Hall quite often on Sunday morning and leave me with my Grandad while he had a meeting, then collect me and bring me to the Pro Cathedral for 12.00 Mass.

The last time I saw him, he was laid out in College Street the day before his funeral. I learned more about the things he had done as I grew older and I decided to write a small poem for him. In 2013 I was asked to recite the poem in Liberty Hall. The people seemed to like it."

Stella Larkin McConnon



By Stella Larkin McConnon


The sun beams danced as I trudged up

those worn old steps so long ago.

My small hand in my Mother's clasped

Safely with loving confidence.


Suddenly a man appeared

A giant silhoutte he seemed

The light shone round him as he spoke

This was my Grandad, called Big Jim.


This was my first memory of him

I did not know then what he'd done

To help to lift the City's poor

Up from the mud to see the sun.


While he worked hard my Nan did too

In a much quieter way

Bringing up four big sons

Two who helped him in later days.


One called Denis was my Dad

The other was my Uncle Jim

These were a very special pair

And became a great support to him.


The years passed by and then once more

I walked again up the steps

In College Street to see him lie

In quiet sleep, peaceful at rest.


There were no sunbeams on that day

The snow lay heavy on the ground

Men joined in as his funeral passed

With brush and shovel, heads were bowed.


There is a time in every life

For joy and sorry this I know

But I could hear my Grandad say

Look to the sun, not the shadows.



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