Funeral Arrangements

Funeral Arrangements

When a member of a family dies, it can be an anxious time for those who are bereaved, apart from the sadness of the passing of a loved one.

However, when notified of a death, the Priests of the Parish, together with the assistance of a menber of the Funeral Ministry Team will arange to meet the family to preparing the Liturgy. We have a folder with relevant information to guide the family through the Funeral Rites. It is important to confirm the availability of the priest to conduct the Funeral Mass before proceeding with arrangements.

The undertakers will liaise with the parish with regard to arrrangements.

Some families arrange for the coffin to be brought to the Church on the evening prior to the Funeral Mass. This would normally take place at 5.30pm. A short service of reception is conducted in the Church at this time.

Increasingly, most funerals now take place on the morning of the Funeral Mass with the reception ceremony held approximately 10 minutes before the Funeral Mass. The Funeral Mass is at 11.00am.

Should a family have a relative or friend who wishes to celebrate or concelebrate the Funeral Mass, they would be most welcome. We ask that we be informed as early as possible if this is the case.

The Undertakers usually handle the details of the notification in the newspapers and on the website. They will also contact the Cemetery or Crematorium to arrange for burial or cremation. They also handle the fees unless instructed otherwise.

In relation to music for the liturgy, the Undertakers will have a list of singers and organists who can be engaged for the Funeral Mass. It would be helpful to liaise with the Priest Celebrant when making choices of music for the Mass.

Please note that we have a webcam with live streaming. This we have found to have been most helpful for people, who for various reasons are unable to attend the funeral. The webcam can be located on the homepage of our website


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